How Does It Work?

How we provide our traffic Networks

Last Update pre 2 godine

No magic here! And no bots as well.

WebTraffic.App provides Real-Human Visitors by redirection from Ad-Networks, Exchange-Platforms, POP Ads, and more.

We use the lowest possible bids and mostly utilize "left-over" visitors from different Ads over 100+ different Ad-Networks.

Once your order placed here - our system converts it into many different "Micro-Campaigns" on dozens of Ad-Networks while we redirect traffic to your order until the target number of visits reached.

Our goal is to provide WebTraffic "On-Demand", and process high amounts of traffic on Real-Time, at the lowest possible rates, based on the market conditions.

Most of the public Ad-Networks will charge you for/per Impressions, while our system filters and calculates it on real time, so we charge you per actual visits only.