Can I cancel my order? Networks

Last Update 2 years ago

January 2022 Update

Coming Soon!

- We are working on 'Cancel' Button and it will be available for all of our services soon, with full or partial refund.

How/Can I cancel my order?

In short: Depends on the order status, but probably it will not be possible to cancel/edit/change your campaign once ordered.

Full answer:

Our system was built on top of many different Ad-Networks and Exchange Platforms, which we use their Live-Time traffic and by automation, redirect the visitors once your order is placed.

In most cases, your order will be processed and started instantly, which means the campaign is running and it is not possible to change/edit/cancel at that point.

However, if your campaign is on 'Processing' status, it means that probably the URL format is not correct and our system will auto-correct the URL or cancel the order if it is not possible to fix your order.

For any concerns or questions, feel free to reach our Support Team